hey. thanks for coming to my page. i hope u enjoy ur stay. i made this whole site with my very limited coding knowledge and a shitton of div containers.
actual pic of me writing this website
i put this site in my twitter bio to replace my listo so i have to put some relevant information on here somewhere. so here:
  • my name is fishy
  • im 18
  • im currently at university studying korean and chinese
  • i love nct a lot they are my one and only ... of the kpops that is
  • i also love brockhampton and matmos
  • im very bad at coding but its very fun. ill make you a website if you want but i cant guarantee that itll be good. i made my friends site the link is somewhere down on this page i think. check it out
  • i love retro/vintage things and collect vintage toys
  • im also obsessed with italo/space disco and everything related to it
  • i dont care about the age of people following me because im not a creep but yeah if youre uncomfortable feel free to unfollow anytime
  • anyways, heres some blessed pics

henlo my smol beans... welcome to my kpop related section........Blease enjoy

  • NCT!
  • seventeen
  • shinee
  • ten (nct) (ult)
  • jun (seventeen)
  • mark (nct)
  • jaehyun (nct)
  • taemin (shinee)
  • renjun (nct)
also i stan tyler the creator and cro
thanks for reading so far i might add more but idk what yet ill probably put some more in my abt and a normal music section and uhhhhh... finish the blessed gallery.... idk...... well see